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Interview with Adriano Montoro Nicacio


Interview with: Adriano Montoro Nicàcio


Adriano Montoro Nicacio


Adriano Montoro Nicàcio is a Brazilian aquascaper greatly appreciated, in Europe Adriano has many fans. Andrea Perotti interviewed him for AquaExperience.
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Fotogallery Interview with Adriano Montoro Nicacio


1. Hi Mr. Nicàcio, would you tell us something about you? (where you live, what's your job, ...)

I am a lawyer and glider pilot and I've been bull rider in the national circuit. I have a beautiful son and a daughter called Matheus and Julia. I am married and very happy with my wife Débora.

2. When and how you started to be interested in aquariums?

As a child living in Quatá-SP and my father (Marco Antonio Nicácio) always took me to Presidente Prudente, SP, aquariums and fish to buy in store Aquacenter. We had several aquariums and sure enough it was my first and biggest supporter in the hobby.
When my son was born (Matthew Nicácio) in March 2007 I wanted to do as my father and give him an aquarium. I've lived in Presidente Prudente-SP and went to the same store that my father took me as a child and bought an aquarium. Always returned to the store to buy a new goldfish and one day I came and came across three works of art. The shop owner, had returned from Londrina, PR and brought along three aquariums ridden by Rony Suzuki. At that moment I realized I wanted to do that for the rest of his life. I remember like it was today.
Once Rony was Presidente Prudente to give a workshop and make a montage live and it motivated me even more. No doubt Rony is responsible for my interest in this fantastic world of planted. Since then follow the glaze hobby and even more after I moved to Londrina, PR, and now as a friend, the best Brazilian aquapaisagista of all time!
In open, who encouraged me was my friend Miron Araújo. Always insisted I attend, hear the criticism of judges and improve my technique more. Maybe it was from him that I learned that criticism is always better than praise.

3. How many aquariums are you managing right now? Which kind of layouts do you make use of?

I am currently with empty tanks. I'm moving into a new apartment and I start there 2 new projects.

4. Which kind of soil do you prefer in your aquariums?

I use Natural Soil by AQUAMAZON and Amazônia by MBreda. All made in Brazil.

5. Have you ever used the heat cable under the gravel? Do you think it might be useful?

I never use it. I don´t like expensive objects. Just the necessary.

6. How do you manage the liquid fertilization? Do you prefer industrial or self-made products?

I just use National brazilian industrial products.

7. How do you manage water changes (percentage, frequency and water preparation)?

My friend Mauricio Xavier of the AQUAMAZON is help me with a new system on Brazil to make a automatic water changes. Maybe 10% in a day.

8. Do you recommend CO2 injection only during the daylight or 24h a day?

I always use Co2 injection 24 hours a day. But I respect everyone who uses solenoid valve to inject it only during the photoperiod.

9. Do you use the oxygenator during the night?

No. But my friend Renato Kuroki defends the thesis that it helps a lot and I believe him.

10. How do you manage the filtration in your aquariums? Only mechanical or biological too? Which filter materials?

I only use biological filtration with the X-100 media by company AQUAMAZON of Brazil. Also use the filtering with the original sponge of filters

11. Is it important the water circulation in aquariums? Use additional aquarium pumps?

I don´t use additional pumps but the circulation help so much with my strong filters. Very better than Hang On filters.

12. Do you often test your water parameters? Which are the most important parameters to monitor? Which parameters do you usually keep in your tanks (pH, kh, ...)?

I use only drop checker. Not often test other parameters.

13. In your opinion, does it make sense to recreate the same conditions (including chemical parameters) of the original fish's biotope? Do you think aquariums have to be treated as artificial systems or some kind of natural ones?

I believe it makes sense to create biotopes. I think something very special but it is not what I like to do. In my layouts I take more into account creativity and the health of plants than trying to recreate a specific environment.

14. In new set up, when you introduce the first animals?

Schooling fish I put about a 4 days before the final picture. But put the algueiros with one or two weeks from the initial day

15. What do you think about Zen philosophy, Iwagumi and landscape layouts in aquariums? Don't you think an aquarium should represent a real aquascape?

I believe all worth it when the soul is not small. Since it is well done, I like all styles.

16. You have taken part in some aquascaping contest. What do you think about them? Do you think they can condition commercial choices of aquascapers?

I've participated in various competitions aquascaping. I believe we are one of the most effective ways to publicize the hobby. I do not believe that expensive products win contests. I think the competence of aquascaper win contests.

17. Can you tell us some aquascapers you like the most?

The aquascaper I most admire is my friend Ron Suzuki. The best motivator and aquascaper of Brazil. In my opinion he should be the judge IAPLC because it is the most ethical person I know.

18. Apart of aquascaping, do you have any other hobby?

No. Just like extreme sports

19. Have your web site or blog?

Yes. adrianomn.blogspot.com

20. Any new ideas for the future?

Yes. build 2 layouts of different sizes capable of surprising all Brazilians

Well, Mr. Nicàcio, the interview is ended. The Aquaexperience.it staff thanks you for the time you've dedicated to us.

I am very grateful and I want to apologize for the delay.



Some creations of Adriano...


Layout by: Adriano Montoro Nicacio


Layout by: Adriano Montoro Nicacio


Layout by: Adriano Montoro Nicacio


Layout by: Adriano Montoro Nicacio


Layout by: Adriano Montoro Nicacio



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